Every one of us dreamed to have a good and happy ever after.

Someone who knows how to make us smile and make our day brighter. We all need someone who will love us through good and bad times in our life. All of us feel love but mostly we try to keep mum on it and hide our feelings, sometimes not trying things out is a regret. We regret something we never tried. Just like many of us never expressed feelings to other people because being afraid of rejection, but what if it’s not rejection we received, perhaps an acceptance. Many people have regretted the times of keeping their feelings inside, supposedly the love of their life will end up to them but did not happen, because of the thought of rejection. Most of us are advanced; we thought things that are not yet happening to us. We are so cynical that we never realize that it’s becoming over. If you love someone, say it to them no matter how hard it is, at least you are satisfied and tried. Love is a beautiful feeling, and it can only happen when you indulge yourself with a person. When you are in a relationship always be real and genuine with your love. There is nothing to hide from your partner, keep an honest connection to be able to become successful. According to Acton escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/acton-escorts.

All my life, I wish to have someone in my life, and I will make her happy for her entire life. I am the type of man that is shy but serious concerning love. I am a sincere man, and I only allow few people to see the real me and enter my life. I am a bit picky since when I enable you to become part of me, I will never let you go. I always respect a woman since I have seen my father’s treatment to my mom until now he still takes good care of her and love. He never forgets their special days and makes surprises for her. We all know that women are fond of surprises and how they are in love with i. Women only have small happiness, give them your time and attention, they are already happy. My parents taught me how to handle a relationship, and since it is not always perfect as it seems, there should be some adjustments to be made.


I finish college; I take hotel and restaurant management. My parents are always proud of me, and since the only son, I want to give them the best. They have also given me this opportunity, and its right to return them the favor. And since we know that London has one of the most beautiful restaurants, I applied for a job there and started a life. I had told my parents when I saved money; I want us to live together here on Acton escort. As a head chef, I am preparing for a big event; all Acton escorts are invited as well as big names of chefs in London.

And I met Kiara, an Acton escort; she outstands them all because of her beauty. We had time to talk, and I have known her for a while. Since then, we became close and hung out. Eventually, I have fallen to her and asked her a dinner date for I decided to express my feelings. I have set up a garden theme date and cooked all her favorites’ food. The night is perfect, and she is beyond excellent. We have

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