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Going On Without London Escorts

Leaving prestigious escorts in London agency like this one often means leaving high earnings and interesting career. At first, I was not sure that moving on from my work was the right thing for me at all. However, the company I worked for wanted to lower its rates to stay competitive. When I looked at my life, I realised that I had achieved many of the things that I wanted to achieve. I had my own flat and did not have to worry about anything really apart from everyday living expenses. A little bit reluctantly I did my last night shift one rainy Friday night.

What do you do after a successful career with a top class London escorts agency? Well, that can be challenging for many girls and I must admit that I was not sure. I knew that I was very good at looking after gents, so I thought that I would do something along those lines. Many girls who work for London escorts agencies have worked for private clubs in London as hostesses. That was not a route that I had ever gone down, but I did consider doing it now.

A couple of weeks later, I found myself working in a club in London as a hostess. It did not feel so different from working for London escorts, I was serving drinks and getting my bum pinched by men who wanted to have some fun that night. I laughed and giggled at the same time I filled my pockets with tips. On a good night at the club, I could earn just as much money as when I worked for London escorts. The job suited me down to the ground.

Although I loved the job, I soon realised I missed dating. I had done a lot of business dating when I worked for London escorts and I was keen to do something similar. Instead of ignoring that pull, I set myself up as a Sugar Babe. Before I knew it, I was dating a couple of men on a complete platonic basis. They just wanted someone to go out with on business dates. My life was great and I was now doing really well for myself.

My new and exciting lifestyle may not be so different from working for London escorts, but I like the variety of seeing different things every single day and night it’s very exciting. Instead of coming home in the early hours of every night, I now mix and match a little. Some nights I work for the club and on other nights I do business dating. It feels like I am a bit more part of life when I used to feel when I worked for London escorts. I can finally talk about what I do, and I guess I appreciate that a lot. There are plenty of jobs out there for former London escorts, you just need to be flexible in your approach and make the most out of your talents just like me.…

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Do you like to marry a Russian girl

A friend of mine has always been into dating London escorts. However, he says that he wants to stop and would like to marry a Russian girl instead. He has recently been on holiday to that part of the world, and he said that he really fancied the women out there. We have been friends for a very long time, and I know what my friend is like. One minute he is turned on by Asian girls, the next minute, he is turned on by somebody else. I am not sure it would work out for him marrying a girl from what I call the frozen tundra.


My friend really finds it difficult to settle down with women. Although I can partly understand how he feels, I cannot really relate to it. He has been dating London escorts for a few years now, and he must be spending a fortune on these babes. Yes, they look really hot and sexy, and he keeps tempting me with the girls. He wants to buy me a date and all sorts, but I am not sure that I am interested in all of that. I do have a really nice girlfriend, and I would not want to upset her.


If my girlfriend found out that I had dated London escorts, she would be furious and I am pretty certain that our relationship would end. My friend thinks that dating hot girls here in London is just a bit of fun but I cannot see it that way. For most guys without a serious love interest, it would be fun to date escorts, but once you have a serious love interest, I think it is unfair to your girlfriend or wife to continue to date escorts. There is no way that I would do it.


Another thing that worries me about my friend and his future Russian bride, is what will happen when he gets bored with her. I am pretty sure that my friend will get bored with his hot bit of stuff rather quick, and start to date London escorts again. Will his wife put up with it? I am not so sure that she would, and once she has learned what it is all about, she will probably divorce him. He assumes that girls from this part of the world are not smart, but I am not so sure about that.


My girlfriend knows about my friend, and says that he is a real strange character. She says that he comes across really nice at first, and she was rather shocked when she found out that he was into dating London escorts. My girlfriend is not a prude by any means, she actually really hot in bed, but she has certain standards. She says there is no way that my friend is going to stay in love with his Russian bride for very long, and will soon be looking for a new adventure. I have the funny feeling that she is right.


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