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Amazing Ways to Have a Pleasurable Night with an Escort

How you present yourself in the eyes of an escort has far-reaching implications on how your night together will turn out to be. Your physical and mannerisms reassure her that she is in excellent company, which helps her relax. The following tips are essential in creating a pleasurable night with Cheap London escorts:

Wear a Nice Smell

A whole night of fucking will leave you sweating. Wear a quality cologne that will leave you smelling fresh all night long. Avoid cheap body sprays as they can produce an awful smell when mixed with sweat.

Masturbate Before Getting Intimate

Masturbate at least two hours before meeting up to have sex with the escort to help you last longer. Over-excitement is a big reason why many men ejaculate not long after they penetrate the vagina. Premature ejaculation leaves the escort half-way through orgasm or worse still, she can fake an orgasm. A fake orgasm is not as stimulating to the man like a real one since the contraction of the vaginal muscles is not natural. Also, masturbation increases alertness making you psychologically prepared for a great night ahead.

Do not Rush Things

Just because you have paid the escort to have sex with her does not mean that you forego the process of getting her in the mood. Gradually move on from a caring touch to more intimate caresses. You should spend time on foreplay to create the right atmosphere for intimacy. Stimulate the escort by massaging her. Skin-on-skin contact stimulates the sex hormone oxytocin making her desire to make love. Massage also helps the escort to relax and concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure from sex.

Make her Feel in Control

The doggie style is a beautiful sex position for the escort since it allows her to have full control during sex. The position is especially best suited when having sex with a small-sized escort. The escort can adjust to a range of motions to get the right angle for penetration. Also, enhance the stimulation by stroking her clitoris when thrusting.

Complements the Escort

Let the escort know how you feel about making love with her by moaning and saying those nice things during sex. When you do this, the escort becomes confident that she is doing the right thing and also about her skills. She develops an emotional commitment that is vital to keep things between the two of you getting better.…